Want to Sell Your Property Quickly Without The Involvement of a Realtor?

We offer a solution for selling your home as-is, without any commissions or additional expenses.

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Get A Fair and Reliable Offer for Your Property!

We provide cash options and flexible solutions tailored to fit your specific needs.

Selling Your Home Has Never Been Easier!

Our legitimate, dependable company has been buying houses quickly and efficiently since 2017. The process is simple, stress-free and without any obligation.

Discover how we can buy your house today!

We Buy Houses in Florida and are known as a reputable house buying company that pays cash for houses in Florida. If you want to sell your home fast for cash, we’re local cash home buyers in Florida ready to make you a great offer today!

No fixing anything, no commissions & no closing costs. Most importantly, our process is easy and we will treat you with honesty & kindness – We promise!

"I want to sell my house FAST and save on commissions and fees!"

Then you’re in the right place! Selling with a Realtor does not work for everyone, especially if you need to sell your home fast. Luckily, there’s a better way 🙂 Why not Request an offer from us? It’s 100% FREE, and we won’t waste your time with a “low-ball” offer. Check out what Sarah Miller had to say about working with us. She’s just one of hundreds of homeowners we were able to help by buying their home fast & easy!

We Can Buy Your Home & Help In ANY Situation

Avoid paying Realtor commissions & closing costs and don’t worry about open houses, cleaning or fixing anything! If you’d like to sell your FL house quickly & easily (or any other type of property), we’d be happy to make you an offer! Even if your situation is not listed below, give us a call or fill out one of the forms and we’ll be in touch in no time!

Sell your Florida property according to your individual requirements!

Selling your Florida property should be tailored to your specific needs, and we understand that our clients may have diverse requirements. In addition to providing cash payments, we can offer a range of solutions to meet your unique situation. Whether you are looking to quickly sell your house or avoid the expenses and difficulties of using a realtor, we have options to help you. Contact us today to find out more.

Need a Cash Advance before closing?

An option we offer is a cash advance before the closing of the sale. This means that the homeowner can receive a portion of the sale price before the closing date, which can be useful for those who need immediate access to funds.

Team with Expertise & Empathy

Since 2011, we've bought & sold 900+ properties in Florida, our team is dedicated to assisting people with expertise and passion

We specialize in purchasing inherited properties

We can cover probate costs if required, our experience includes buying inherited properties, we have a specialized probate attorney who will handle the process without any cost to you.

No need to make repairs or clean up before selling

Sell your property in any condition, "as-is" without the need for a seller's disclosure, no liability and peace of mind.

We assist with moving and finding a new home.

We can help you move and find a new home before the closing, at no cost and also assist with the moving process if required.

You decide when you want to move out.

You can stay in your home for a period after the closing, we'll make it happen for you.

Get A Fair and Reliable Offer for Your Property!

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Where can I Find a Company that can Buy My House Fast?

I need to sell my property quickly and don’t want to wait for months with a realtor, I just want to sell my house quickly, receive my cash and have peace of mind.

– No Worries, You’re in the right place!

Selling your property quickly is simple

We purchase any type of property in Florida regardless of condition or situation. When you sell to us, you don’t need to worry about repairs, cleaning or moving items, we handle all the paperwork and make the process simple and easy, so you can focus on selling quickly and let us handle the rest.

Selling with a real estate agent isn't always for everyone

Realtors may make promises to quickly sell your property, but they may not always be able to deliver. If you’re facing foreclosure, divorce, bad tenants, tax arrears, a house that needs extensive repairs or any other issue and need to sell quickly, we can help, we buy any property, regardless of the reason or condition.


“We needed to move…”
We put our house on the market with a realtor but it was taking too long to sell.My husband had a job offer in New Jersey and we needed to move there within 2 months. We called Your Trusted Home Buyer and they purchased the property 19 days later and let us stay until the end of the month. This took a lot of pressure off of our family and made our move much smoother. The whole process was very professional and simple.

Karol H.

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“I found myself in a tight financial situation…”
Thanks to Alex and everyone at Trusted Local Home Buyer for helping me! I found myself in a tight financial situation with a property I inherited years ago. There was a tenant living there not paying rent and the place was in rough shape. Tom and his team made the process very easy, they paid the back taxes, and even helped me evict the tenant.

Michael P.

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Get Cash for Your Florida Property Quickly and Easily.


We pay cash for houses, so the condition doesn’t matter. We buy in “As-Is” condition, so you don’t have to sign a “Seller’s Disclosure” and be held liable for any issues that may arise after closing.


We can acquire your property quickly regardless of your situation. Code violations, open permits, mortgage/tax arrears, liens, inherited property, it doesn’t matter. Our offer is free for you to see!

No Cleaning or Fixing Needed!

Sell Your Florida House As-Is” is not just a slogan, we mean it! We’ve bought houses with mold, Chinese drywall, trash, and even rotten food in the fridge. We don’t judge. We buy properties in FL “As-Is” regardless of the condition- the worse it is, the more excited we get to see its potential transformation.

Many satisfied customers, we’re confident you’ll be happy too. Contact us with no risk and receive an offer, you can always decline.

Sell your Florida Property Quickly or on Your Schedule to Trusted Cash Home Buyers - That's Us!

That’s it! The end of our homepage. We hope you’ve learned about us and how we can assist you in selling your Florida property for cash. We don’t waste your time with lowball offers and we’re always honest and willing to help. We buy houses in Kansas City MO, Florida, and Indianapolis IN. If we’re unable to help you by purchasing your home, we can still offer some free advice as we have extensive experience in the Florida real estate market. Don’t hesitate to contact us or visit the next page to learn more about how we buy houses for cash in Florida. We look forward to hearing from you soon!