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How Do I Sell My House Fast For Cash?

We Offer Cash For Your FL House Fast, In 3 Simple Steps:

To begin, you can either complete the secure form below or contact us at (407)502-2591. Rest assured, your information will be kept confidential and not shared with anyone else.

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We will answer any questions or hesitations you may have and provide you with an offer without any obligation. You have the freedom to decide whether to accept it or not.

You can select a convenient date for closing either at a reputable attorney's office or the comfort of your own home, and receive cash immediately.

When you sell your home directly to cash buyers like us, you can skip the middlemen like Realtors, banks, and appraisers. This makes the process of selling your home quickly much more straightforward. On this page, we have provided both a simple and in-depth explanation of the entire process. Please read on for more information.

Our approach is highly flexible and accommodating, and the procedure is straightforward, without pressure, and doesn't cost you anything. You can sell your house to us in exchange for cash in just a few days, or you can take a few weeks or months. Whatever timeframe suits you best!

Selling To The Trusted Local Home Buyers. The Details

IYou have likely come across numerous comparable websites or received mailers from other businesses stating that they will purchase your home for cash, and you can sell your house quickly to them. Since you are now on our “How it works” page, I presume that, like many of our clients, you may still be pondering…

You might be questioning how the entire process of "we buy houses for cash" really operates. Is it genuinely as straightforward as it seems?

The answer is Yes. Selling your Florida home for cash fast is simple and easy for you. However, we have to work hard behind the scenes to ensure that the home selling process is trouble-free and smooth for you.

Well, that doesn’t really answer my question….

Yes, I understand. That’s why I will provide a simple, direct, and easy-to-understand description of our cash home buying process, from start to finish. I will also explain what you should anticipate if you contact us. However, it’s crucial to note that selling your home quickly for cash may not be the best solution for you. Thus, please take the time to read the following details entirely to learn about the process so that you can make an informed decision when it comes to selling your home.

Sell Your House Fast in Florida & Get a Great Offer!

What info will you need from me?

If you decide to contact us, one of our friendly “House Helpers” will pick up the phone or call you back during business hours (9:00 a.m. – 8:00 p.m.). They will ask you some basic questions about your property, listen to your needs, and answer any questions you have. They will also offer guidance and suggestions to assist you in selling your home, even if we are not the best choice for you. The call only takes a few minutes.

Do I get my cash offer right away on the phone?

We can’t tell you the exact price we’ll offer for your home over the phone right away. But, we can give you an estimate of the range where our offer will probably be.

You might be wondering why we don't give you an instant offer over the phone. Other "We Buy Houses" companies may provide an immediate offer or promise to give you a cash offer within 7 minutes, but we work differently.

The issue with those companies is that they may give you a fake high offer, get you to sign a contract, and then ask for a significant price drop later using an “inspection report.” We’ve seen this strategy used frequently by investors in our market, and we don’t like it. It creates a negative image of our profession, and it’s dishonest.

That’s why…

When you contact us, our House Helpers will gather some initial information from you to determine if it makes sense for you to work with us. If our available options seem appealing to you, our House Helpers will arrange for an offer appointment with one of our experienced Buying Managers, Christian or Max. This appointment can be done either over the phone or in person, and before it takes place, the Buying Manager will conduct a detailed analysis of the property to provide you with the most suitable and competitive offer tailored to your specific requirements.

How do I know you’re not going to make me a lowball offer?

We want to give you a good offer that makes you happy because it helps us keep our business going. We won’t make you a really low offer because no one would accept that. Our main job is buying houses, so we need our offers to be accepted.

We have different ways of making offers, but if you want cash fast, the offer might not be as high as what you could get on the market. However, we try to offer more cash than other buyers.

We also have other ways to make offers that could be more than what you could get on the market. But these types of offers are not for cash fast. If you want to learn more, you can call us or fill out a form online.

One thing to keep in mind is that we have several different options as far as what type of offer we can make you. If you choose the fast cash offer for your home, our offer will be fair, but it will not be “full market value”. However, we’ve made our business as efficient as possible so that we can afford to make higher cash offers compared to other home buyers!

Some of our other options do allow us to offer you even more than full market value, but these offers will not be a “sell my house fast for cash” type offer. Give us a call at 407-502-2591 or contact us through the online form to learn about the other options we can offer you.

Do you provide other options or only cash offers?

That’s a great question. At first, we only offered cash for properties that we planned to renovate and sell later. But we’ve grown our team and skills over time, and now we can help homeowners in different situations too. We can even help you if you’re not in a hurry to sell and want to get a better price for your home instead of a lower cash offer.

Here are some main options we offer, but we have more choices too. If you have questions or need help with your specific situation, our House Helpers can assist you when you call or fill out a form on our website.

If you scroll down our website, you can see how we calculate our Standard cash offer and read about a case study.

So, how do you calculate your offer to buy my home for cash?

We make our cash offers based on 4 things:

The “After Repair Value” (ARV) of the property

This is the value the property would have on the open market once we have finished renovating it, similar to what you might see on HGTV. We subtract the costs we've listed below from this value to arrive at the standard cash offer amount.

Cost of Renovations (COR)

To make the property worth as much as possible, we have to renovate it and give it a brand new appearance.

Our Selling Costs

This is the amount we would need to spend in order to sell the property after purchasing it from you. While you won't be charged real estate agent commissions or closing costs when we buy your property, we'll have to pay those costs when we sell it. Additionally, we'll need to cover holding costs like taxes, insurance, and HOA fees. Typically, our selling costs add up to about 10% of the resale price, or what's known as the ARV.

Our Minimum Required Profit

Yes, it's true that we need to make a profit on the houses we buy, but we try to keep our profits as low as possible. This allows us to offer you more money for your house and increases the chances that our offers will be accepted. Making a profit is important for us to support our families, pay our employees and contractors, and continue buying houses. We've learned from our mistakes, including losing over $400,000 on properties we shouldn't have purchased, that we need to make a minimum profit of 10% of the after repair value (ARV), or $10,000 minimum. For example, if we buy a property for $200,000, fix it up, and then try to resell it for $300,000, we need to make at least $30,000 to cover our costs and make a profit.

Ready for the Magic Formula?

Our Standard Cash Offer for Your Home = (AFTER REPAIR VALUE) X 80% MINUS (COST OF RENOVATIONS)

Let’s say your house will be worth $500,000 after we fix it up. We usually deduct 20% from the value of the house to cover the costs of reselling, which would be $100,000. If we estimate the repairs to cost $50,000, we would subtract that from the $400,000 ($500,000 x 80%=$400,000-$50,000= $350,000) to arrive at our offer amount, which would be $350,000.

That’s it! All we care about is how much we can sell the house for after we fix it up, and that we can make some money doing so.

What happens if I accept your offer? How long does the closing process take?

As with all the “Cash For Houses” companies in FL, our closing process usually takes about 2-4 weeks, depending on the urgency. If you need a faster or longer closing time frame, we can definitely work with you. Below is a simple yet detailed outline of the closing process:

Opening Escrow & Ordering Inspections

Once you decide to sign the simple 2 page purchase and sale agreement, our Buying Coordinator, Paul, will reach out to you to introduce himself. He will also send the contract to the title company for them to order title and lien searches. Paul will schedule with you an inspection of the property so we make sure our repair estimates are on point. Timeline = Normally 24-48 business hours

Conducting Inspections & Reviewing Title / Lien Searches

Here’s where we conduct the home inspection, review the inspection report, and also review the title and lien searches that the title company and the city provide. If anything comes back on those searches that needs to be addressed, Paul will contact you to determine the next steps. Sellers find us to be very creative and able to find a solution for almost any title/lien problem! Timeline = Normally 1-2 Weeks

Scheduling the Closing & Getting You Cashed Out!

We’re ready to close and get you paid! Paul will reach out to you and see when would be the most convenient date/time for you to close. We can either schedule you to go to the title company, or send a mobile notary to your location. Once you sign closing docs, the cash is either wired to your bank account or you get a certified cashier’s cheque from the title company. This usually happens the same day, but can sometimes be delayed to the next business day. Timeline = Normally 1-7 Days

Why should I sell to you and not list with a Realtor?

Well, maybe listing with a realtor IS really the better option for you. For some people it is. If we feel that listing with an agent would make more sense for you, we will happily let you know that on the initial call. In addition to buying your home, one of the licensed Realtors on our team can also list it for you Below are some of the main differences between selling to The Trusted Local Home Buyers, vs. listing with an agent.



SCAM ALERT!!! – How do I know you will really close and that this is not a scam?

With so many newbie investors and scam artists out there I’m not surprised you’re asking this… Vetting your buyer to make sure they will actually close, is usually more important than getting the highest offer for your home. We get a lot of sellers calling us after their 1st or 2nd buyers fall through and cancel the sale on them. Needless to say, they are frustrated and distrustful of investors. That’s where Florida Cash Home Buyers is different. We make honest and transparent offers, with the intention of getting them closed! That’s why we get so many.

How can you protect yourself from falling for the scam artist trap?

Quite a few ways actually…